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December 2005

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HRDA Accreditation

HRD Academy accredited to the Matrix standard

HRD Academy (HRDA) is delighted to announce its accreditation to the new MATRIX standard introduced by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and approved by the Guidance Accreditation Board (GAB).

The matrix Standard is the national standard promoted by the Learning & Skills Council for organisations delivering information, advice and guidance services for learning and work.

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AutoDM is a multi-criteria decision-support software tool based on the world’s most popular decision-making methodology: the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

With AutoDM you can identify the criteria and alternatives, and evaluate key trade-offs in a straightforward manner. It assists you in building a model for your decision, and then leads you in judging, via pairwise comparisons, the relative importance of the variables.

AutoDM provides a powerful approach to making complex multidimensional decisions in organisationsAutoDM uses state-of-the-art method based on Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MADM). It allows you to compare and prioritise the relative importance of the decision variables. AutoDM then synthesises your judgments to arrive at a conclusion and allows you to examine how changing the weighting of your criteria affects your outcome.


Train the Trainers


  Trainers' Training Programme

It's a well-researched fact that more than 90% of the effectiveness of any training experience results from the trainer's training skills. This practical and unique course is designed to qualify participants to be highly qualified professional trainers.

Participants gain knowledge and skills to use methods and techniques essential to today's top trainers by facilitating portions of the workshop themselves and receiving systematic evaluations regularly. By understanding and integrating learning theories, styles and principles; participants develop the skills and knowledge to design and develop course materials and contents, lesson plans that translate into rich learning environments.

Good presentation skills are crucial for trainers and others who lead or facilitate learners groups. This course gives the learners the principles and explains how to use them to keep learners engaged and activities alive and enjoyable. Participants expect to learn how to overcome resistance for mandated training, deal with disruptive or difficult participants, as well as effective strategies to motivate learners. Each participant will receive feedback on presentation style and an opportunity to practice. They learn to create workshops that influence the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of their learners in wonderful ways.

This workshop is researched and developed to cover proven theories, models and techniques in adult learning, learning styles, training needs analysis, instructional system design, learning objective, course design, course contents, logistics, delivery, platform skills, and training evaluation.

Practical application exercises are used in conjunction with course materials to teach students how to design and deliver an effective training program. Students will participate in the preparation, delivery, and assessment of training courses and skills training to become competent trainers.

This powerful course is designed for new trainers, as well as for professional instructors, training managers, and HRD staff.