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Who Are We?
Alpha Training and Consulting is an independent management consulting firm, based in England, serving clients in Europe, Middle East and Far East. We Provide a broad range of general management skills and experience to a variety of industries in our market area.

What We Do?
Alpha Consulting provides outstanding consulting and training services in the following fields:

  • Management and Organizational Development
  • Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Decision Technology and DSS
  • Market Research and Competition Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • R & D and Technology Management
  • Training and Human Resources Development
  • Research Methodology and Supervision
While the uniqueness of each client dictates the exact services needed, typically our services might include:

  • Identification of clients needs.
  • Analysis of the problem.
  • Strategic and Operational Planning.
  • Documentation.
  • Implementation and Support.
Alpha Consulting is committed to continuously satisfying the needs of its customers with quality, professional, efficient and cost effective services.

How we work?
In our initial contact we try to learn:

  • Specific needs and requirements.
  • Scope of the work.
  • Definition of the assignment and expected results.
  • Approximate time and cost.
At this initial point there is no obligation on either side. The above information helps the client decide whether we are the best people to handle the assignment, and helps us determine if we can do the job and whether we can do it properly in the time available. When appropriate, the details and results of this discussion are confirmed in a written proposal outlining:

  • Our understanding of the assignment.
  • Suggested approach.
  • Type and extent of client involvement.
  • Organisation of the work.
  • Expected results.
  • Estimated time and cost.
The client has no obligation until our proposal is accepted.

Why Alpha?

We are not trying to be all things to all people. We offer a specialised service in management consulting and training. We have great experience and expertise in our chosen specialisation.

Because we are specialised, we have the means that allow us to perform better, faster and cheaper than clients can on their own. We have access to large amount of information and resources. We use up-to-date techniques and methodologies.

Every project has its own nature and requirements. We take these into consideration and cooperate with clients to achieve the desired results in minimum time and cost.

As we are an independent firm, we need not reveal the identity or purpose of our clients. And we will not reveal critical information without prior approval.

Fees are based on the time needed plus expenses actually incurred in carrying out the assignment. Our Fees are not the cheapest but are very competitive compared with similar level of services offered by similar firms.


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