We provide services and support to individuals and organisations in three main areas:

Training and Development - customised training programs, designed to support organisational goals and presented by our skilled and dynamic instructors.

Consulting - Whether your concern is the continued development of your senior management team or providing negotiation and sales training, all of our effort are created to support your goals.

Assessment – Surveys and benchmarking analysis in areas ranging from individual morale to organisational efficiency and effectiveness.


Alpha Training  offers expertise in the design and development of customised management, professional development, and business training courses. We believe in a client - centered approach to development in which all course designs and materials reflect the actual work environment of participants.

Our services cover

  • Training needs analysis and requirement studies

  • Course evaluation studies and pre / post test design

  • Curriculum design, development and presentation.

  • Design and development of full training materials

  • Fully customized training programs

  • Full customization of all exercises, cases and training

  • Aids to reflect the client’s environment

  • Project management and administration to ensure quality results and your complete satisfaction

  • Strategic planning (long and short term)

  • Full time coordination / administration services

More and more people are realizing that effective training means; effective training strategy, up - to - date concepts, methods and techniques, wide experience in course design, and highly qualified trainers. These qualifiers are what position Alpha Training  among the best training and consulting firms. Our trainers and consultants will provide you with up – to - date concepts, methods and techniques, which expand your manpower skills and knowledge and promote your business growth.

Methods of Training

Our approach is not based on teaching, but on learning. Most learning programs will be conducted by continuously moving between various learning media including Power Point slides tutorial, group discussions focus groups, case exercises, role playing, peer group reviews and other methods.

This approach guarantees high levels of participation during the information intake process and knowledge acquisition.



 Alpha Training  has a range of specific consulting solutions, designed to tackle the precise requirements of creating intelligent business culture.

All our solutions are based around your specific business goals and aim to help you achieve industry-leading performance and profitability through your people. As effective consultants we have recognised the fact that it is not organisations that change, but people. Thus, at Alpha Training , we apply change through individuals and organizations, using our 4 It’s approach:

  • Investigation - gaining a broad understanding of your organization’s specific needs through research processes.

  • Inspiration - gaining commitment from people through energetic, participative, enthusiastic boosting and relevant 21st century solutions.

  • Implementation - user friendly implementation tools that demonstrate ease and practicality and ensure intention becomes focused behavior on business objectives.

  • Integration - assisting people throughout the organisation gain the know-how of designing and making systems, structures, processes and policies applicable to the organizational change efforts.


The use of ASSESSMENT Technology has become extremely common within corporations during the last 5 years. The impact is extraordinary, because the use of a good assessment has the potential to transform human resources, performance management, and training within an organization.

In today's competitive marketplace, specific "on-time" information can have an incredible impact to the bottom line. After a decade of incredible strides in technology, "Human Resource Technology" have become a primary focus for businesses. It will become more and more difficult to compete without having access to job fit information for making hiring, promoting and management decisions in the future.

Our trainers are certified in the following Instruments:

The HBDI (Herrmann)

The SYMLOG  (Bales)

The DiSC  (Marsden)

The Spiral Dynamics  (Graves)

The Team roles  (Belbin)

The Conflict Handling  (Thomas Killman)

The Learning Styles  (Honey & Mumford)

The EI Test (Goleman)




































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