The following comments from participants are taken either from course feedback, letters or e-mails received after the program.

 A brilliant trainer and an expert in bridging western theories to meet Middle Eastern requirements. UAE

The NLP course already began changing the way I deal with people around me. The trainer has the ability to keep you alive during the entire course. Bahrain

These courses assisted me in applying an overall change to my teaching methodology. Kuwait 

'For the first time, my ideas and thoughts on management and leadership have been brought sharply into perspective,.. I gained more insight into this fascinating subject in two days of the course than in the last 15 years of 'experience' in management or leadership roles.' UAE 

'I have now heard from each of the managers who attended the course and the comments have been extremely positive. One individual in particular sighted it as the best course he has attended in over 20 years of working for SABIC.

High praise indeed'. Saudi Arabia 

"'My last Strategic Planning course proved the best investment in time and money I've made'. Saudi Arabia 

'After 25 years you think you've seen it all, well I can say I haven't. The best management and leadership program I have ever attended'. Syria 

'Overnight a massive improvement in delegate's presentation effectiveness was brought about, Improving our communication ability and confidence within five days.' Lebanon 

'Dynamic and motivational. This is the second course I have attended in NLP; both times Dr. Tikrity has presented an excellent well thought out course. I have learned a great deal about leadership and myself.'UAE 

'After just having attended your course I felt impelled to write and tell you that they were the most inspirational, informative and positive three days of my life!' UAE 

'I feel that I must congratulate you on the astounding training course you ran. After the course I was left with no doubt that the training provided real value for money and easily justified the time.

The courses' intensiveness, practical approach, structure and scope were incredibly  effective. ' Saudi Arabia  

‘Just a short note to thank you for a superb 3 day course. I couldn't have wanted for anything better and have come away with lots of ideas that J intend to implement during the next few months.' Syria 

'Having just attended the HBDI course, I felt the need to write and express my feelings on it. It was by far the best course I have attended both in terms of content and presentation.' UAE



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