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University Advisory Services
First and higher degrees (Ph.D and MSc)
United Kingdom Universities
Making an appropriate choice of University is one of the most critical decisions of your lifetime.

If you are thinking to study in the UK, and you are looking for the ideal University/Course, back-up supervision and research training, then our University Advisory Service (UAS) can help you in:

University Selection and Admission

Search for the proper university (from 93 British Universities)

Advice on the field of study/research and supervisor

University admission

Follow-up and Supervision Advisory Service

We help students through out their study/research period

Advice on the selection of research topic

Research progress and follow-up

Advice on Thesis preparation and writing-up

Regular report to the sponsorhip organisation

Research Training and Skill Development

Research methodology

Statistical analysis techniques

Computer use in scientific research

How to write your Thesis

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