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The HBDI, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, is one of the most powerful and flexible diagnostic tools available. It is a diagnostic survey made up of 120 questions. the answers to these questions indicate a person’s 'brain dominance', i.e. the degree to which they prefer a particular way of thinking, and therefore, behaving.

Based on over 15 years of research, the HBDI has been the subject of many independent validations. Also, a large number of ędissertations and countless scientific papers have been published on the HBDI. A summary of some of these can be found in Ned Herrmann's book 'The Creative Brain'.

ę The HBDI results are presented in a full-colour profile, with an accompanying interpretation booklet that explains the profile and scores in detail, as well as the implications it has for business and personal life.

Benefits of the HBDI

  • Understanding of self. 
  • Understanding mental diversity, and taking advantage of the differences in people. 
  • Understanding learning styles and how they affect personal learning, and teaching others. 
  • Understanding management styles and how they affect self & others. 
  • Understanding communication and through that understanding, improving the ability to interact with others individually, in teams and in large groups. 
  • Understanding of colleagues, associates, bosses and subordinates. 
  • Understanding relationships and developing teams. 
  • Understanding that the nature and source of creativity is mental, and establishing a climate and circumstance for unleashing your creativity, and that of others. 
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation.

Application of the HBDI

The HBDI is not restricted to one application. Examples of applications include:ę
  • Personal growth.
  • Team formation and group processes.
  • Management and Selling styles.
  • Communication.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Conflict management/counselling.
  • Choice of profession, or study specialisation.
  • Teaching and learning.
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