Hay/McBer TRG Instruments

Alpha Training adopted a range of research-based diagnostic tools from Hay/McBer which focuses on helping clients select and develop high-performing people. Hay/McBer's proven, competency-based approach, developed over 30 years, has helped hundreds of organisations, including leading multinationals, to meet their training and development goals.

The tools and techniques that Hay/McBer have developed ensure that you can capitalise on your key resource - your employees. You can choose from an unrivalled range of tools covering competencies, organisation climate, sales force effectiveness, management development and learning styles.

Hay/McBer's approach to human resource management will link your selection, assessment, succession planning and reward systems to your organisation's strategic objectives. This means all your people will be much better equipped and motivated to help achieve your business goals.

Alpha Training uses the best in affordable, easy-to-administer, research-based assessment instruments from Hay/McBer.


Learning & Self Development

       Learning Style Inventory (LSI)

       Personal Learning Guide (PLG)

       Adaptive Style Inventory (ASI)

       Learning Style Exercise (LSE) also know as Stuck Truck Exercise

       Creative Style Inventory (CSI)

       Learning Skills Profile (LSP)

Management Development

       Managerial Style Questionnaire (MSQ)

       Management Situation Checklist (MSC)

       Tower Building (TBE)

       Coaching Process Questionnaire (CPQ)

       Organisational Climate Exercise (OCEII)

       Influence Strategies Exercise (ISE)

Change Instruments

       Total Quality Management Readiness Index (TQMRI)

       Re-engineering Team Readiness (RTR)

Values and Motives

         Personal Values Questionnaire (PVQ)


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