A Way to Understand Yourself and Others

I-Sight® is a new way to help young people build self-awareness and ıpositive relationships. Using the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model and ıdeveloped for young people, ages twelve to eighteen, this unique ıinstrument creates understanding of self and others by helping kids ırecognize and accept differences. This inviting and colorful learning ıresource meets the highest standards of research, validity and reliability in instrumented learning.

ı I- Sight, a new DiSC® instrument for youth, ages 12 to 18, is designed to ımeet three key needs in today's education marketplace:

  • Build self-awareness and self-esteem in young people ı
  • Provide guidance in preventing and resolving conflict ı
  • Foster understanding and acceptance of differences
ı This colorful, 4-page learning instrument uses a self-directed and self-ıscoring process that engages young people, personally and confidentially, in understanding their own behavioral preferences while gaining insight into ıthe behavior of others. The DiSC® language of the adult DiSC® instrument, the Personal Profile System®, has been modified in I -Sight to increase its appeal and relevancy to young people.ı The four primary dimensions of behavior - Dominance, influence, ıSteadiness, Conscientiousness - are described as:

ı D - Direct and Active
i - interested and lively
S - Steady and Cooperative
C - Concerned and Correct

ı I-Sight also includes a brief, follow-up activity, "Think More About It", ıdesigned to reinforce learning and application of new DiSC® knowledge. I -ıSight can be efficiently and cost-effectively integrated as a core behavioral learning component into a variety of curricula including Social Studies, Health and Family Living, and Career Development.

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