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Sales Academy

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Management and Leadership


 5 Days


This is a Sales Masterclass. We all need sales training at almost any level.  You may have the latest product or the most competent service at the right price, but it is pointless if your salespeople can’t convince the customer.

This course takes us through the basic selling and communications skills necessary to persuade and convince potential customers both face-to-face and on the telephone.

We examine sources of information available to formulate a sector-by-sector market analysis and a workable Marketing Plan.

We turn that raw market intelligence into qualified leads that our sales force can turn into orders and we give them the skills to do this.  

Once our prospects have become clients, we use our Strategic Selling Skills and Customer Care to keep them and expand our service within them.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:


§         To provide a complete overview of the marketing and sales process. 

§         To provide a hands-on system that will enable delegates to: analyse the market, identify targets, evaluate those targets, provide a steady stream of qualified leads, turn those leads into customers and expand the business with those customers



Who should attend?

All sales, customer care, customer-facing Directors, Managers and staff


Course outline

Day One

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Sources of Information: Free and subscription
  • Sector by Sector Segmentation of the Market
  • Analysis of the intelligence
  • The Marketing Plan

Day Two

  • Turning the Marketing Plan into a Sales Plan
  • Using the Sales Plan to generate qualified leads
  • How to approach those leads: Getting through to the Decision Maker/Getting an appointment
  • Telephone Skills that really work

Day Three

  • Sales Skills – Self Assessment – personal SWOT
  • Communication Skills – Self Assessment – SWOT
  • The Sales Process : Intro – listening – OQL – Needs & Wants – Features & Benefits – Matching – Closing
  • Objection Handling

Day Four

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling
  • Presentation Skills
  • Body Language
  • Self-image

Day Five

  • How to mount a Sales Campaign
  • Establish a Target Account
  • Competition Analysis
  • Who is making the decisions
  • What are their Critical Success Factors
  • Buying Cycle Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Present your Action Plan for your Campaign?