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Best Practices in Sales Training: Lessons from Industry Leaders
This 100+ page report digs deep to give you a complete understanding of the challenges in sales training. You will learn why companies such Avon, Canon USA, Century 21, Cingular, Gallo, Saab, and Wyeth launched new sales training programs, the alternatives they considered, and how they designed and implemented their new programs. The report provides depth so you can get valuable insights to use in your own sales training program. more... ]
Courseware Knowledgebase: A Comparison of Off-the-Shelf Courseware Providers For Leadership, Business, Soft Skills, and Information Technology Training
Excellent off-the-shelf courses are available to teach almost any subject imaginable. Our Courseware KnowledgeBase includes information about 45 vendors of the most popular topics applicable to business. Also included are online tools to help you quickly find a provider of the courses you need. more... ]
LMS KnowledgeBase: In-Depth Profiles of 50 Learning Management Systems, with Custom Comparison Across 200+ Features
A learning management system (LMS) is the cornerstone of any e-learning implementation. With more than 100 systems available, selecting the right one for your organization can be a difficult task. We're please to announce the availability of our most in-depth LMS research to date. This year's study represents 17,738 total LMS implementations (end-user companies that have implemented an LMS), with a collective grand total of 83.8 million registered e-learners. This KnowledgeBase comprises thousands of pages of analysis, reviews, advice, and online tools to help you compare 50 systems side-by-side. We're
confident that it is the most extensive LMS research available anywhere and that there isn't a more efficient way to select the right system. [ more... ]
Learning Benchmark Surveys
Benchmarking is all about improving results by seeking and sharing best practices. Learning Benchmark Surveys get straight answers to your questions. If you need to find out what others are doing, what they’re spending, how they’re set up, what results they’re getting, and what problems they’re facing, a Learning Benchmark Study can get the information you need. [ more... ]
LCMS 2004-2005 Report: Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Learning Content Management Systems

Some of the largest and most successful e-learning initiatives use a learning content management system (LCMS). Where a typical LMS might simply track and organize learners and training, a full-fledged LCMS is designed to manage the creation, storage, reuse, and delivery of e-learning content from a central object repository — everything from conception to delivery. Our new LCMS report includes extensive information on 27 of the leading LCMSs in the marketplace, with an objective critique and detailed specifications for each product. [ more... ]


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