Managing values, leadership and change

Spiral Dynamics opens a new window on the complicated, changing world we live in. Rather than looking at rigid categories for people or a few narrow types of organizations, this point of view allows you to explore systems within a single person, a company, or a culture. Why are we ıdifferent? How can persons who seem so much alike see the world so differently? You can see a fresh set of human dimensions - how we think, how we make decisions, and how we come to know right from wrong.ı These are big matters. This framework is not simple. Instead it offers the first big picture view of how everything in human factors planning connects to everything else. It reveals the hidden codes that produce the meshwork of modern life, as well as the complex choices individuals and organizations constantly face.

Dr. Don Beck and Christopher Cowan of National Value Center, wrote:

"Spiral Dynamics is the first, major, systemic, conceptual system and complex way of thinking about everything that addresses the "big picture" and holistic perspectives currently in vogue in cutting-edge executive leadership thinking, provides a mechanism and methodology for looking at macro and micro issues simultaneously, and lays down a specific, practical, and usable change technology that aligns and connects all of the variables, stakeholders, cultures, sub-cultures, and other interests within an elegantly designed organism, one that integrates technology, business systems, and human dynamics within a seamless, interactive process.

There is nothing else like it in any of the applied literature, journals, "best seller" books, academic programs, or consultant packages. It stands alone. This makes it difficult for many to get their minds around the whole because we are so trained to focus only on parts. We are so accustomed to looking for quick fixes, single-cause analyses and ısolutions, car-wash interventions, or micro applications.

ı Everything else is only a part of the whole: work process reengineering, motivation, job design, cultural diversity, executive leadership, creativity training, ethics & values programs, flat organizational designs, and other flavors-of-ıthe-month. Yet, everybody claims they are searching for something new and more powerful, with a more sensitive ıhuman touch, that understands the profound cultural and geopolitical changes that are swirling around us, and with the power & precision to address practical problems and issues with bottom-line accountability. But, would they recognize such an approach if one stared them in the face?

Finally, Spiral Dynamics is the first conceptual framework that develops a comprehensive scaffolding on which to hang all other perspectives, theories, gurus, models, concepts, packages, and "solutions." We do not reject any other technology, approach, training program, change initiative, or form of strategic planning. Virtually all have their ıplaces where they fit and are of use. What is different about SD is that we have developed the capacity to fit all of these programs to the specific needs, developmental levels, and modes of thinking of various groups, functions, audiences, and cultures.

If your business reaches across borders or your interest in world affairs extends beyond your living room, you will find Spiral Dynamics intriguing. If you have an interest in the deeper layers that reflect how people think and are no longer satisfied with managing, teaching, or governing based merely on what they seem to do you will want to make time to discover Spiral Dynamics.

ı If you want to understand how the generations are changing, from grandparents to parents, to children and their children to come, let SD show you a new way to approach differences."


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