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Six Sigma Black Belt

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The Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program teaches participants a set of proven methods and tools for a five step methodology that will guide them through the "DMAIC Process:" 1. Define what needs to be improved; 2. Measure what is currently being done; 3. Analyze the data and develop an improvement plan; 4. Improve the current process and measure success; and 5. Control the gains and repeat the process. To complete the Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program, a participant must attend four - one week workshops within a two year period, complete all work assigned, be present for all class activities, and complete a Six Sigma Black Belt Application Project. The participants will be given an examination at the end of each workshop to assess their skills in the use and application of the Six Sigma Black belt tools and methodology, and the Instructor's effectiveness.

Requirement: Laptop Computers (windows 98, 200, Me, XP, NT 4; 32MB RAM; Pentium Processor 133 MHz or higher; CD-ROM Drive; 32MB HD space) and Minitab Statistical Software will be required for use in the workshops. Participants must furnish their own laptop computers.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the Six Sigma methodology, Six Sigma metrics, and analytical skills for solving many Six Sigma projects. Participants will be awarded Black Belt Certification and should be capable of executing a complete Six Sigma project or a high impact project sub-task.

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone interested in making a significant and lasting positive contribution toward the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of their workplace. Also for those individuals who wish to upgrade their skills to become more marketable for employment.

Course outline


  • What is Six Sigma?

  • Defects Per Million Opportunities Metric (DPMO)

  • Success Stories

  • SIPOC Model

  • DMAIC Process

  • Process Mapping

  • Six Sigma Organizational Structure

  • Role of the Black Belt


  • Customer Satisfaction & Kano Model

  • Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQC's)

  • Operational Definition

  • Process Mapping

  • Process Flow Chart

  • Project Selection and Planning

  • Project Charter


  • Variable and Attribute Data

  • Data Collection

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Gauge R&R

  • Baseline DPMO & Sigma Conversion

  • Rolled Throughput Yield


  • Distributions: Mean, Standard Deviation, Histograms

  • Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC)

  • Capability Analysis

  • Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing 

  • Comparison of Two Treatments, F-Test, t-test 

  • Comparison of Multiple Treatments ANOVA

  • Comparison of Variances - Chi-Square Test 

  • Non parametric tests

  • Cause and Effect Diagrams

  • FMEA

  • Regression and Correlation Analysis

  • Introduction to Design of Experiments


  • Error-proofing

  • Corrective Action Matrix

  • DOE


  • Poka-Yoke

  • SPC

  • Variable and Attribute Data  Charts

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