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Champions are the key to success in every Six Sigma deployment. For small and large companies alike, the ability to identify the right projects, select and mentor the right people, and drive Six Sigma to produce breakthrough results is the responsibility of the Champion.

Six Sigma Champions are executives and managers with significant overall business responsibility. It is the selection of individuals with ultimate responsibility for the business that ensures Black Belts have the support they need to succeed.

Champions receive extensive training in the fundamental concepts, the basic tools and methods of Six Sigma as well as project selection, change management, and the management of Six Sigma and Black Belts within an organization. The three-day session is highly interactive with a full day of hands-on project selection training conducted in workshop and breakout format.


Course objectives

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Adapt Six Sigma to your company’s needs

  • Optimize your investment

  • Changing your company’s culture

  • Why Green Belts vs. Black Belts

  • Choosing the right people

  • Leadership vs. Statistical Skills

  • Financial Benefits including past successes

  • Example Implementation Plans

  • Selecting and mentoring Black Belts

  • Selecting projects

  • Removing barriers and ensuring Black Belts receive the support they need

  • Ensuring Black Belts are 100% dedicated to their Six

  • Sigma projects and Six Sigma training

  • Driving cultural change through Six Sigma

  • Sharing best practices

Who should attend?

This course is designed for individuals selected as Six Sigma Champions. The Champion should be any one of the following:

  • Member of senior management

  • Division manager

  • Vice-president

  • Senior plant management

  • Anyone who can affect change in the organization

Course outline

Day One

  • An Overview of Six Sigma

  • Fundamental Six Sigma Concepts

  • The Impact of Six Sigma

  • Basic Six Sigma Tools

  • Basic Statistics

  • Measurement Systems

  • Capability Analysis

  • An Introduction to Minitab

Day Two

  • Introduction to Six Sigma projects

  • Tools for Project Selection

  • Cause and Effect Analysis

  • Pareto Charts

  • Six Sigma Project Recognition

  • Six Sigma Project Definition

  • Managing the Scope of Six Sigma Projects

  • Six Sigma Project Management

Day Three

  • The Importance of a Supporting Infrastructure

  • Managing Change in a Six Sigma Company

  • Selecting and Managing Black Belts

  • Financial Guidelines for Six Sigma

  • Deploying Green Belts

  • Designing for Six Sigma

  • Periodic Revitalization of Six Sigma

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