Six Sigma Management Overview

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Six Sigma Overview

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1 day








This course presents an overview of the role that Six Sigma can perform in achieving a company's strategic objectives and bottom line profitability. Those who should attend include Executives, Directors, Managers and others who desire an understanding of Six Sigma and the achievements that may be realized through implementation of this powerful process in an organization.

Executive Overview introduces top leaders to Six Sigma concepts, tools and implementation strategies. Highly interactive, this one-day session provides an overview of the DMAIC process; helps clarify roles and responsibilities, and will prepare leadership for selecting and approving DMAIC projects, as well as their role in driving the effort.

Course objectives

You will learn what the Six Sigma program comprises. Especially, you will have an overview of the roadmap that it follows, as well as the various tools and techniques that it employs.

Who should attend?

People who get involved with the Six Sigma program, such as managers, executives, engineers and senior staff, and anyone who can affect change in the organization.

Course outline

The following topics will be treated:

  • History of Six Sigma

  • Why improvement?

  • What is Six Sigma?

  • Six Sigma project selection

  • DMAIC methodology

  • Why Six Sigma is different

  • How process management and Six Sigma fit together

  • The process management cycle

  • The Six Sigma cycle

  •  Integration

  • When the Six Sigma approach makes sense

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