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Statistical Process Control

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) has become a fixture in today’s industry as companies determine to continuously improve process quality. This course is designed to present the modern concepts, tools, and applications of SPC as well as practical strategies for SPC implementation. All methods are demonstrated through analyses of actual data. Participants are encouraged to bring data from their workplace to analyse during the various workshops provided during the course.

Using a mix of lectures, simulations and workshops, this three day seminar is designed for delivery to a variety of audiences, each of which may have different needs for SPC knowledge and skill. By the end of the seminar participants will be ready to apply the concepts and tools of SPC in their own work environment. Throughout the seminar participants will use a leading statistical software package, Minitab for Windows, to apply the seminar methods.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will have gained:

  • A firm grasp of the basic concepts and tools of SPC

  • Motivation and confidence to be actively involved in improvement efforts utilizing SPC

  • An ability to apply the tools to the processes in which they work

  • Insight into how SPC needs to be implemented effectively in their own work environment

  • Knowledge about meeting customer and ISO 9000 requirements for process control

  • In-class experience applying the course methods to their own process data.

Who should attend?

Managers, engineers, or personnel in manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, or related disciplines who are responsible for quality or productivity improvement or SPC implementation in their organizations.

Course outline

  • The Quality Imperative

  • Variation and How it Affects Quality

  • The Role of SPC in Quality Management

  • Principles of Variation

  • Describing Variation: Statistical & Graphical Methods

  • Common vs. Special Causes

  • Control Charts for Variables

  • Xbar & R, Xbar & S Charts, Individuals Charts

  • Methods of Control Chart Construction & Modification

  • Rules for Chart Interpretation

  • Rational Sub-grouping: sampling for Control Charts

  • Process Capability: Indices and Assessment Methods

  • Control Charts for Attributes

  • p-, c-, u-charts

  • Requirements for successful SPC implementation

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