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Dr Mohammed Tikrity

Dr. Tikrity is a senior consultant and trainer. His background was originally in science and engineering. In the last 20 years Dr. Tikrity worked in the field of management. This many years of experience include R&D Management, Management Development, Strategic Analysisþ and Decision Techniques for which he completed two years at the Manchester Business School (MBS). He is certified practitioner in Spiral Dynamics (SDI and II), Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), SYMLOG, and DiSC® Personal Profile system®. Dr Tikrity is a Certified Master Practitioner and internationally recognised Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Black Belt Six Sigma. He has published several books on various topics including NLP. Profile of Dr Tikrity is published in the "Who is Who in the World" (23rd Edition 2006).  (For full cv click here).


Dr. Maytham Al-Salman

Dr. Al-Salman is a well reputed Trainer and Consultant, who has successfully trained hundreds both east and west. Behavioral skills is his area of expertise, with emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and Competency Based Development. He holds a Masters, as well as a PhD in Emotional Management, and has been a guest speaker on several satellite channels, on Behavior Management subjects. He has extensive experience with improving overall human performance within organizations, and is involved in consultancy work in many areas areas including: Competency Framework Planning (CFP), Knowledge Management & Planning, Emotional Management /Intelligence Planning (EM/EI), Skills Capital Administration, Organizational Learning Execution (OL), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Learning Management & Administration (LMS), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Performing Skills Assessments, Executing Organizational Skills Screening Processes (SSP) and Performance Evaluation & Management.



Robert Smith  

Robert  is an experienced management and personnel consultant with a particular interest in human communication. He is at the forefront of behavioural modelling and with his enthusiastic, motivational yet forthright style, has a flair for developing others to achieve the highest levels of communication skills. Robert has a Diploma in Management Studies and a Masters in Business Administration, and was the first person in Europe to qualify for the Register of  NLP Business Communications Trainers, recently inaugurated by INLPTA, the International NLP Trainers Association. His considerable business expertise has enabled him to teach, coach and mentor extensively in the UK, USA, Europe, and the Far East.  He has an advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and a Certificate in Counselling Supervision. He is also an Advanced Master Practitioner and INLPTA Certified Master Trainer of NLP. Organisations which have benefited from his skills in the last twelve months include Air Miles, The Civil Aviation Authority, IBM, Motorola, A C Nielsen and Outward Bound (Professional), as well as many of the other top one hundred companies in the UK. Robert was the advisor and trainer to the United Nations Protection Forces (UNPROFOR) on cross-cultural negotiating prior to their assignment to Bosnia, and is the author of a key business book on negotiating, "Up Your Aspirations". His most popular one-company training course is "Advanced Negotiating Skills" which uses the powerful communication techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to achieve astonishing results for his clients.  He has written various articles on organisational change, and has broadcast on radio and television as a consultant on cultural change and stress management. Always interested in something new, he has recently qualified as a Reiki Master.

Ann Slack

Ann works with individuals and groups. In addition to her qualified role as an NLP Trainer, her areas of specialisation include Stress and Anxiety Management, Clear Thinking, Communication Skills, Confidence Building and 'Bringing out the Best in yourself'. In her work with individuals Ann has extensive experience in using NLP techniques to deal with a wide range of individual problems which include depression, phobias, relationships, panic attacks, anxiety and stress. Ann has a degree and a Masters in Philosophy. She is a member of the International NLP Trainers Association.

Ian Lavan

Ian started his career as an apprentice Engineer. In 1995, Ian joined Business Link Wakefield as a specialist export advisor to small businesses and has worked there ever since, leading a number of delegations to foreign countries, including South Africa. Ian has assisted a large number of Practitioner and Master Practitioner training seminars. He was instrumental in bringing Spiral Dynamics to the UK in 1998. Ian is an INLPTA trainer and has taught NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. 

Hazel Hyde

Hazel has sixteen years experience of counseling, executive coaching and training within both large and small, public and private sector organisations. Some of her specialist training areas are counseling skills, communication skills, problem solving, mentoring skills, time and stress management, adapting to organisational change, conflict resolution, and others. Hazel is a Certified Master Practitioner and Internationally recognised trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming - as this the study and replication of human excellence. She worked largely within the NHS (National Health Service) and Greater Manchester Police with whom she has an on going contract. 

Dr Susi Strang Wood

Having enjoyed a career in Family Medicine and Occupational Health, Dr Susi Strang Wood now integrates her diagnostic skills with her extensive training in the applied psychology of performance excellence. She utilises her experience and expertise to pursue her interests in the development of people and organisations. Her portfolio includes leading courses in leadership profiling, management training, appraisal systems, facilitation skills and personal development. Experienced in executive coaching, recruitment and the management of change in large organisations, Susi’s raison d’être is to enable success in others. Internationally trained by key developers and pioneers of NLP, Susi has been applying NLP in business training and psychotherapy for the last ten years. She has published papers in the application of NLP in the context of Health and Well Being. UKCP registered as a Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, Susi chairs the Accreditation Panel for Registration as a Psychotherapist in the field of NLP. Certified as a Master Trainer of NLP by INLPTA, Susi’s presentation style is personal, lively and thought provoking.

Malcolm Howells

Malcolm has a wide range of experience in all aspects of policing, strategic, operational, administrative and in personal development. He is accomplished public speaker and interviewer, able to generate commitment, enthusiasm and motivation by using an individual management style, leading to the creation of a positive and supportive working environment. Malcolm has extensive experience of personnel and development. He headed the Force Management Development section for four years. He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and devised numerous training courses in various organisations. 

Christopher Cooke

Christopher is a trained coach and facilitator and a recognised pioneer in working with individuals, and diverse stakeholder groups to achieve transformational change. International experience coupled with an ever-present enthusiasm and curiosity, a powerful presence, and openness to accelerated learning. Chris specialism in Change Management is highly valued by clients across a wide range of Public, Private, Profit and Voluntary Sectors. He has become widely recognised for his interest and ability in large-scale organisational and societal change. Chris is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Dr Henrie Lidiard

Henrie is a leading trainer and consultant and delivers a full range of personal and professional effectiveness training by the innovative application of NLP and Spiral Dynamics. Henrie has extensive experience in the Banking and Higher Education sectors and across the Small Medium Sized Business Sectors. Since 1998 she has trained as a certified Spiral Dynamics Consultant.

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